About OrcaLight

Meet the people who made Orcalight possible

Our Background

Orcalight was founded in 2013 to meet the demands of both professional and recreational divers looking for a step change in their underwater lighting capability, and in particular for underwater exploration, photography and videography.

We have involved some of the world’s leading underwater professionals in the design of our first product, the 22,000 lumens rated Orcalight. The rapid advances in LED technology, some of which we have pioneered and patented, now enable us to offer a quantum leap in power over virtually every other divelight on the market today.

Doug Anderson, the Bafta and Emmy award-winning underwater cinematographer, a key member of the BBC’s Earth, Life and Frozen Planet series, has been heavily involved in the design of our first product. “As many divers will know, getting the balance right between functionality and ease of use is not always easy to achieve. We have set out to design a product that is robust, extremely powerful, and yet versatile”

The company is based in Newcastle in the UK, and is privately funded. Our products can be purchased directly from this web site, or through our network of distributors and resellers, which we are rapidly establishing around the world to support our products.

Seawolf A-2260

Our 22,000 lumen Seawolf A-2260 divelight

Our Team

    • Shane Newman

      Founder and CEO

      Prior to founding Orcalight, Shane spent the bulk of his career in the industrial lighting sector, first as an...

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    • Doug Anderson

      Technical Advisor

      Doug Anderson is a Wildlife Cameraman. Specialising in underwater Film and Video, he has worked worldw...

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