Orcalight Release Its new Expedition range,

all of the power none of the weight




Bespoke Camera Mounting Systems Available

We have pleasure in announcing that several successful systems have been produced for clients allowing them to clamp the canisters below their camera rigs in a buoyancy neutral carbon fiber system.

Lamp heads are made positive via the addition of spacer tubes and side clamps to your liking

These rigs are custom built to fit your specific camera in a clunk click quick release system, with batteries held below the camera housing and buoyant lighting heads we can add whatever features you wish such as acetyl mounts

So far we have manufactured systems for extended 400mm 600Watt canisters and 300mm 300-400 Watt canisters in both 2 and 4 light systems

The most impressive yet which houses 1200 watts at neutral buoyancy can run 60,000 lumens for almost 2.5 hrs or 120,000 lumen for 1.25hrs depending on deployed configuration

The issue of power density against weight and size is a physical problem that simply cant be avoided, we are asked frequently why our equipment is large and heavy, simply put if you want power and run time as well as tough and modular then there simply is no getting away from weight and size so this is the next best thing.