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Additional Battery

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Additional single battery is tested, the battery is a sealed unit and contains within it a PCB designed to protect it in the case of water ingress. The battery comes pre made with a robust 30Amp anderson connector for maximum reliability.


Never use lithium ion batteries if they appear to be damaged, do not charge Li batteries in temperatures below zero degrees, ideally they should be stored in an outbuilding at temperatures from 10-25 degrees and regularly checked/charged, do not throw away or burn, charge in a safe area away from flamible materials.

Above all treat batteries with respect and caution!

Tech Specs

On board short circuit protection
On board reverse voltage protection
Over voltage protection
Voltage 30.5 to 42Vdc
Lithium Ion (non metalic)
100Watt hrs each
Sealed within an ABS casing
30Amp connection rating


Reverse voltage over voltage and short curcuit protection
Hi end long life lithium ions from Panasonic
Tripple insulation internally
Sealed ABS plastic housing
As a set 300Watts capacity
Recharge time varies on temperature/age typical around 3 hours each

Whats in the package

1 x 100Watt premade, tested and matched battery packs with connector ends

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Additional Battery for Seawolf bag systems

bag systems can be supplied in 2, 3, 4, or 6 way bags

Users can add and remove batteries depending on run time against desirable weight

1 x 100 Watt Lithium Ion High End Batteries

Nominal Voltage 36Vdc

Standard recharge time from Orcalight charger per battery approx 2.5hrs

Please contact orcalight to obtain bag battery and cable combo’s to suite your specific needs


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