Carbon Camera Mounts

Orcalight offer user defined carbon fiber solutions

These canister clamp solutions usually mount underneath your camera housing to provide one stable neutrally buoyant rig

THe benefit of quick strip rigs like this allow maximum versatility allowing you to alter trim and weight characteristics underwater, quickly remove lights, mount onto tripods or free swim with an all in one easy to manage system

Whether its 1, 2 3 or 4 canisters of any length we can offer solutions to fit your requirements

Customized quick fit plates allow us to form these rigs to fit any housing and you can free issue any parts you want including on your rig

when used with this system our lighting tool kit can literally traverse every application there is with simple addons and widgets allowing you maximum versatility

We can even provide 12 and 24volt outputs to run other equipment from this one modular solution

Contact us to discuss your wish list the service is free

The only thing you pay for is the actual parts used and as always orcalight will always try to work with whatever budget you have available



Carbon camera mounts are constructed to user specification

Primarily they are designed to negate the entire weight of the battery canisters whilst providing a flat interlocking quick release platform specifically tailored to your camera

The lamp heads can then be attached to fittings providing one stable camera system