Drone Lighting Applications

As a result of recent developments we can now offer specific designs for clients working within the drone industry

Whilst main specifications are specific to each client and remain confidential broadly we can offer the following

  • Output Power 12,000 Lumens (12lux 30m distance 30m FOV)
  • Weight <1Kg
  • Power consumption 100W
  • Input voltages as specified
  • Optional Battery 450g 100Watts 1hr run time
  • zero hotspot broadcast quality light
  • wavelengths from low UV right through to SW IR 1550nm
  • White light in any Kelvin as specified
  • Quick fit low profile system for under slinging
  • completely submersible to 100 m depth
  • Marine grade corrosion proof
  • 3 switch settings from zero volt contacts (4 wires)

Lux levels and Fields of vision can be altered using our interchangeable optics real time from 120, 90 60 or 18 degree beam pattern

Contact the Orcalight team to discuss your specific requirements