Ultralite ball joint clamp


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Versatile Ultralite ball joint clamp allows two ball joints to interface and can be used to:

Connect the lamp head to 4 different places on the battery pack
Connect the lamp head to standard arms and other fittings
Connect the lamp head to a standard handle
Interface with other camera equipment housings and fittings

Additional ball jointed fittings such as arms, camera mounts and handles can then be attached positioned and tightened

Tech Specs

Hard anodised aluminium
Fits standard 24mm ball joints


Large grip for tightening
Spring loaded central fixing
Fits any 24mm ball joints together
Adjustable in water

Whats in the package

1 single pre-assembled set

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Ultralite ball joint clamp for connecting tray mounts to handles and other standard fittings including carbon arms and camera mounts


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