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Due to the success of our own underwater penetrator cables, after popular demand and being horrified at the prices other manufacturers are charging for such cables we produced our own and after over a year of solid testing and use on our flagship 22000 lumen canister light we are making them affordably available to the general public.

This Underwater Penetrator Cable has been tested to 400meters and is suitable for power or Data

Hardwearing Tough and reliable these cables require only a 12.5mm through hole or 1/2UNC thread and are supplied with O-rings and 316 stainless nut, the cables can be manufactured to any length usually within two weeks, even in 1 offs

As far as we know our cable is 1/3rd the price of our closest competitors penetrator and built to last.

Please note we do not make a charge for special lengths even if your just buying 1!

Tech Specs

· 4 Core 1.5mm Each Conductors
· Depth Rating 400 Meters
· Gland Material 316SS
· Gland Thread 1/2UNC
· Max operating temp +90 Degree Static, +80 Degree Dynamic
· Min Cold flex temp -40 Degrees
· Max Voltage 500V
· Min Resistance >900M ohms
· Nom Conductor resistance 13.4Ohms/Km @ 20 Degrees C
· Min Bend Radius 40mm Static 70mm Dynamic
· Weight in air 128Kg/Km
· Weight in SeaWater @ SG 1.025 40Kg/Km

Please specify Length at point of order, Typical Lead time 2 Weeks

In the Kit

· Cable to specified length
· Oring seals
· Locking Nuts

Standard 1m Cable cost is £90
Add £5 per meter 0-10m
Add £4 per meter 10-20m
Add £3 per meter 20m+

We cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or injury resulting from the cables use or incorrect installation.

Get in touch to discuss your diving light needs. We’re always ready to help you decide the right package for you.

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