Professional Dive Lighting

The Orcalight product range boasts the most powerful battery powered LED dive light on the market.

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Marine Lighting

Orcalight is the leading manufacturer in LED marine and deck lighting.

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Underwater Lighting for Oil & Gas.

Orcalight provide robust underwater lighting for the Oil and Gas industry.

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Our new product range is here ....

ORCALIGHT – Illumination for professional divers

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The SEAWOLF A-2260 Our Flagship Dive Light

We believe our SeaWolf 2260 is the most powerful battery-powered LED dive light on the market It boasts an impressive 22,000 lumens projected in a completely flat beam, perfect for filming. It is also 20 bar pressure rated and has a battery life of 1.5 – 6 hours dependent on usage. Whether you’re filming underwater professionally or just need the brightest light for your dives, Orcalight can guide the way.


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The SHIPS Project – using the SeaWolf 2260 for archaeological mapping on the James Eagan Layne wreck in Plymouth Sound, UK: “The results were spectacular; the wide, bright beam was ideal for adding colour to photos and video of large areas of the wreck and it completely lit up the hidden, dark spaces under the engine.”

Peter Holt, The SHIPS Project

Excellent products! Have had the fortune of trying out the larger 22,000 lumen Seawolf torch from Orcalight, and I was not disappointed! The torch was fantastic, completely illuminating the wreck. Definitely worth testing if the chance is available!

Dan Bernie

Best video light i’ve ever used without doubt. Obviously bright, but the optics give the smoothest spread i’ve come across so not a hint of hot spot. Big fan.

Micheal Flanagan