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Orcalight to Support Love the Oceans Conservation Campaign

Following a request from http://lovetheoceansorganisation.wordpress.com/ Orcalight are hoping to work with and support this group to research an exciting new development in fishing techniques we have been watching closely for some time.

Since launching its first 22,000 Lumen light late in 2013 Orcalight have had requests for its lighting equipment in fishing applications, something we have been unwilling to support, that is until now however. Part of Orcalight’s mission statement is conservation, in all things, from management of our production facility through to supporting external organisations wherever possible. Until now we have vehemently opposed the use of our equipment for commercial fishing, but all of that is changing.

A significant number of those who have contacted us expressed wishes to utilize our specialist equipment to attract specific species, whilst this was an interesting concept, until enough supporting evidence could be obtained we preferred to sit on the right side of the fence. Anecdotal reports now suggest that use of specific wavelengths can help to reduce or in some cases eliminate the waste associated with by catch when combined with specific techniques applicable to each species.

It is our hope that by working with love the oceans a commercially viable solution can be found to reduce by catch and alter fishing habits from one of generalized trawling to specifically targeted none destructive or invasive solutions to reduce damage to the ocean habitats.

Moreover fishing habits in time could be more akin to crop rotation than simply taking the most valuable species.

Its very early days yet but we are willing to help and support love the Oceans to begin experimental work through collaboration and equipment loans.

With this in mind we are looking for further collaborations with individuals or groups who may have collated data, conducted trials or who have any other input so we can begin to build a larger objective picture of the potential possibilities this may offer. Whilst it will take decades to adjust the incumbent attitude of fishing fleets the tools that this approach may present could allow for far more precise management of our marine resources and help preserve the most important environment on our planet.

To become involved in this and other trials please contact Orcalight founder and director Shane Newman directly.

More posts on this exciting story to follow in due course..