ABOUT Orcalight

Orcalight is a market leader in the dive light industry, offering a range of products that light the way for professional and recreational divers alike. Our range is unrivalled in its versatility, power and pioneering technology. Whether you’re a professional film crew plunging to the seabed, or a diver exploring dark depths in your spare time, our equipment can be configured to suit virtually any situation.

We are easy to deal with and prefer the old fashioned approach; pick up the phone and call our Managing Director and Product Designer Shane Newman for an informal chat and we can easily help you find a system to suit you. From then on, if you ever need anything then just call or email Shane — you will never have to explain your story or go through a switchboard, as that’s not how we do things.

OUR Story

Orcalight was founded by Shane Newman in 2013 to meet the demands of both professional and recreational divers looking to improve their underwater lighting capability, particularly for underwater exploration, photography and videography. The company is based in Stanley near Newcastle and is privately funded. Our products are available through this website or by contacting us directly. We’ve delivered our products to virtually every region of the world.


We worked with some of the world’s leading underwater professionals to design our first product, the 22,000 lumens Orcalight, and we’ve never looked back. The rapid advances in LED technology, some of which we have pioneered and patented, now enable us to offer a quantum leap in power over virtually every other dive light on the market today.


Doug Anderson, a BAFTA and Emmy Award winning underwater cinematographer who was a key member of the BBC’s Earth, Life and Frozen Planet programmes, was heavily involved with the design of our first product. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength ever since, guided by listening to people like you. Our dive lights and accessories make filming and underwater exploration so much easier, with such versatility that our equipment can be tailored to fit every individual diver and their exact needs.

OUR Testimonials

I've always attached great importance to light when shooting underwater. I recently discovered a wonderful light in OrcaLight's SeaWolf 2260. I am now starting to take full advantage of my Red Epic camera using this light.

by Rafa Herrero Massieu

Best video light I've ever used, without doubt. Obviously bright, but the optics give the smoothest spread I've come across, so not a hint of hot spot. Big fan.

by Dan Bernie

Excellent products! Have had the fortune of trying out the larger 22,000 lumen Seawolf torch from Orcalight, and I was not disappointed! The torch was fantastic, completely illuminating the wreck. Definitely worth testing if the chance is available!

by Michael Flanagan