Orcalight have produced and supplied variations of its equipment for a number of special projects including gantry lighting, submersible diver lift systems (navy), underwater harbour lighting, yacht lighting and many more. If you can see potential in our equipment we can engineer it to fit please contact Shane Newman to discuss your needs we love new projects.


Our equipment has been designed to be versatile and flexible to almost any need — visit our video gallery to see exactly how some of our customers have been using our products, and how resilient they can be, including surviving an explosion test!


We have worked with some of the world’s leading underwater professionals to design our first product, the 22,000 lumens Orcalight, and we’ve never looked back. The rapid advances in LED technology, some of which we have pioneered and patented, now enable us to offer a wide range of products that can be adapted and changed to fit almost any use.


We’re easy to deal with and prefer the old fashioned approach; pick up the phone and call our Managing Director and Product Designer Shane Newman for an informal chat and we can easily help you find a system to suit you. From then on, if you ever need anything then just call or email Shane — you will never have to explain your story or go through a switchboard, as that’s not how we do things.

OUR Testimonials

I've always attached great importance to light when shooting underwater. I recently discovered a wonderful light in OrcaLight's SeaWolf 2260. I am now starting to take full advantage of my Red Epic camera using this light.

by Rafa Herrero Massieu

Best video light I've ever used, without doubt. Obviously bright, but the optics give the smoothest spread I've come across, so not a hint of hot spot. Big fan.

by Dan Bernie

Excellent products! Have had the fortune of trying out the larger 22,000 lumen Seawolf torch from Orcalight, and I was not disappointed! The torch was fantastic, completely illuminating the wreck. Definitely worth testing if the chance is available!

by Michael Flanagan