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The Pro Plus is quite simply the most versatile video photography system on the planet


The pro plus give you everything you need to film

Underwater from batteries in white or IR at 22000 lumens using 60, 90 or 120 degree optics

Underwater from a shore supply in white or Ir at 22000 lumens using 60 90 or 120 degree optics

Above ground from a 24-48Vdc battery in Ir or white at 11000 lumens using 60 90 or 120 degree optics

The kit consists of

1 x Full 2260 Kit and an extra optic

1 x Infra Red Lamp head in 650nm, 750nm, 850nm or 940nm

1 x SSU 50m cable

1 x SSL 50m cable

This versitile kit allows you to quite simply film anywhere and tailor it to your scenario

More importantly you actually have two lights here

By using the SSU cable attached to the Infra red head you can run the SSU from shore supply whilst using the 2260 as is providing both white and IR at the same time


Use the SSL cable and film top side in IR while your diver uses the 2260


If your fond of filming animals at night the SSL and IR lamp head can provide up to 350meters of IR depending on your camera with a short high power burst of up to 525 meters again depending on your camera and chosen wavelength

Purchasing the bundle also save £555 from seperate list item prices

The bundle can be expanded upon piece by piece adding additional optics lamp heads and cables.

Get in touch to discuss your diving light needs. We’re always ready to help you decide the right package for you.

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