SeaWolf 1860 30,000L Handheld Torch


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Our latest edition to the line up;

SeaWolf 1860 Hand Held Torch

Technical Specification


3 switch settings of 7000, 15,000 & 30,000 lumens (or user specified at point of purchase)
Run times 3 hrs @ 7000 1.5 hr @ 15000 45 minutes @ 30,000
2 x 100W Li battery (flight Ready)
Charge from rear + internal disconnect for travelling

Choice of any Kelvin or wavelength From low UV right through white spectrum to infra red

Please specify kelvin and CRI at point of purchase eg 5000K CRI 90

Range of optics from 60, 90 or 120 degrees

6082 series marine grade aluminium with >70 microns hard annodise
Weight in water 600g

Depth Rating Standard 150m up to 400 available on request

What’s In The Package?

Shipped in cardboard box you will receive
1 standard SeaWolf 1860 with handle fittings
3 optics 60, 90 & 120
1 charger
1 charge interface cable

2 x 100W Li Batteries

Optional extras available individually based on preference

Alternative lamp heads are available allowing the user to change from the existing LED wavelength to any other from Ultra Violet right through the spectrum to Infra Red. Changing involves 4 screws and takes around 2 minutes.

The 1860 can be changed to a top side film light running from the SSL cable which accepts 12-48Vdc by simple swapping over the back plate

The 1860 can be changed to an umbilical powered torch using the SSL by swapping the back plate and sliding out the batteries, doing so makes the light slightly buoyant which is countered by the umbilical. Overall depending on user preference the 1860 when umbilical powered from 48Vdc is around neutral in weight.

Get in touch to order a SeaWolf 1560 or discuss your diving light needs. We’re always ready to help you decide the right package for you.

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