Additional Battery


These additional batteries can be really useful when you’re out in the field.



Each of our additional single batteries is tested; the battery is a sealed unit and contains within it a PCB designed to protect it in the case of water ingress. The battery comes pre-made with a robust 30 amp Anderson connector for maximum reliability.

Tech Specs

• On board short circuit protection
• On board reverse voltage protection
• Over voltage protection
• Voltage 30.5 to 42Vdc
• Lithium Ion (non metalic)
• 100 Watt hours each
• Sealed within an ABS casing
• 30Amp connection rating


• Reverse voltage over voltage and short circuit protection
• Hi end long life lithium ions from Panasonic
• Triple insulation internally
• Sealed ABS plastic housing
• As a set; 300 Watts capacity
• Recharge time varies on temperature/age typical around 3 hours each

Whats in the package

1 x 100Watt pre-made, tested and matched battery packs with connector ends.

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