SSU 88,000 Lumens


The SSU Bundle includes everything you need to safely run four 22000 lumen lamp heads from 100-230Vac.



The SSU Bundle includes everything you need to safely run four 22,000 lumen lamp heads from 100-230Vac. The power supply steps the mains voltage down top side, so you’re in the water with fully protected 48Vdc.

The standard system comes with:
  • 4 x 50m cable,
  • control Peli Case,
  • 4 x electronics driver back plate with 3 position switch,
  • 4 x mating PSU connector
  • 3 x optics per lamp (12 in total)
  • 4 x sets of handles and fittings
  • 4 x lamp heads
  • Ball joints, mounts, fixtures and fittings

The lamp heads weigh only 200g in water and each comes with all 3 variants of optic, but can be made neutral with buoyancy add ons.

Standard lamp heads are CRI87, 22,000 lumen. 6250K alternative wavelengths are available at no extra charge if required, please note this may extend lead time slightly.

LEDs per lamp head can also be swapped at will by purchasing add on lamp heads, available in every option from low UV right through to infrared. Note that we actually produce the full 22,000 lumen equivalent and do not filter light, which throws most of it away.

Both the cables and lamp heads will interface with your existing next generation 860, 1560 and 2260 kit.

You can quickly remove the lamp heads from the shore supply and place them onto the 2260 canister system, turning the mains powered cable unit into a canister unit; everything is modular.

The lamp heads are also compatible with the SSL land cable, allowing you to use these out of water with a combined power of 44000 lumens from 24-48Vdc.

Longer cables are available on request.

What’s in the Kit

• 1 x SSU 4 Channel Power Supply 1 K Watt 48Vdc
• 4 x SSU 50m Cable and back plate assemblies
• 4 x 22000 Lumen Lamp Heads
• 12 Optical lenses giving you 60, 90 and 120 degree options for each lamp head

Get in touch to order or to discuss alternative lengths of cable, alternative wavelength of light that meet your diving light needs. We’re always ready to help you decide the right package for you.