Vehicle Lighting — Special Projects


Our range of vehicle lighting are rugged and suited to almost any purpose.



All Orcalight products are marine grade to at least 15om and essentially bomb proof, so we have a proven track record in integration support, deploying area light solutions onto all manner of navy vessels support and fighting vehicles.

Both shock and vibration proof, these systems integrate with your systems, such as connectors and control environments, allowing fast deployment and a level of ruggedness previously unheard of.

Out of water, a 12000 lumen system can take a 7.62 round and continue to function for at least one direct frontal impact.

Because our modules are all in service, manufacturing bespoke systems for us is simply a case of connecting different modules to create your solution. For you this means no risk, as every module is stand alone proven in the field.

Our interfacing is simple; just provide us a context of use in a short description and any specific requirements you have. We will fill in the blanks and offer a technical specification and design you can then modify.

We can do this as many times as necessary until you are satisfied, then follow through to full manufacture, usually in less than 6 weeks.

Any specific testing required for your application can be undertaken for a cost only NRE fee.


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