Alternative heads

Infrared head swaps can make for spectacular results.



All of our NG systems are capable of head swaps, allowing users to order any type of LED wavelength they wish, — from ultraviolet to infrared, or alternative white temperature and CRI, without the need to purchase an entire light. Whichever wavelength you want to use, let us know and we’ll be able to help you out.

Heads can be provided from low UV 340nm, right through the white spectrum in any Kelvin, specified through to the infrared.

In tests, up to 20 feet can be achieved in the 750nm IR spectrum, depending on camera, showing never before seen behaviour. Only Orcalight, with its unique optical and high powered system. can provide this type of performance.

Switching lamp heads takes moments and because we actually produce the light in the specified range, we do not suffer huge losses that filter systems do.

With filtering, you throw away most of your light, allowing only the colour allowed through that filter, by producing the equivalent 22000 or 30000 lumens in that direct range, spectacular results can be achieved especially with fluorescent and infrared lamp heads.



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