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Orcalight is proud to offer our range of professional LED diving lights, underwater lighting and accessories. We believe our SeaWolf 2260 is the most powerful battery-powered LED dive light on the market and our Pro Plus 15 Bundle is the most versatile underwater video and photography system on the planet. Whether you’re filming underwater professionally or just need the brightest light for your dives, Orcalight can guide the way.

OrcaLight Diving Lighting Gear and Equipment

Underwater filming and video is made easy with Orcalight diving lights. Illuminate your subject from any angle with the most powerful battery powered LED diving light – or expand your diving lighting rig with our complementary diving gear.

If you are looking to complement your current OrcaLight set-up then improve the variety in your lighting intensity and range with our Optics. All optics are interchangeable, meaning you could easily swap from a standard 60 degree optic (used for concentrated underwater spotlight video and photography) to a wide angled 120 degree optic in minutes – so you can get back underwater and back to filming as quickly as possible.

Orcalight next gen lamp heads offer huge versatility for underwater filming and video. With a full spectrum range between Ultra Violet to Infra Red our Next Gen Lamp Heads are perfectly suited for all marine applications, rated to 400 meters and manufactured from hard anodised 6035 aluminium, 316 stainless or titanium.

Our diving lights have been developed by Shane Newman with Doug Anderson and have been used to film such BBC underwater nature documentaries as Blue Planet. You can hear Shane and Doug talk about OrcaLight’s development and professional uses in our video gallery.

Mounted Spot and Diving Lights

We know of no other light system in the world with as much versatility as OrcaLight.

The diving head lamp can even be modified in around 2 minutes to be powered from our 2260 battery pack for diving use. Alternatively with a long cable attached you can simply remove your spot light from its mount, attach the handle and dive right in.

Orcalight products allow for multiple fixing methods and cabling solutions are available for every application. Orcalight diving lights and accessories have been designed for long term submersive use – so you can be certain they are up to the task

When it comes to power, voltage supply can vary from 12Vdc to 48Vdc – and the units can deal with everything in between. For complex lighting rigs where you may want up to 4 diving lamp heads powered from one unit our 48Vdc 1Kw 4 Channel SSU Power Supply will do the job, supplying up to 88,000 lumens.

Even our bespoke penetrator cable is rated to over 400 meters and with other variants including wet connectors and remote control available we can deliver to your exacting specifications.

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